Our mission is to prevent institutionalization of private life and maintain personal freedoms of every suffering person until departure. For many years, we considered the option of filing for non for profit status.  However, in order to protect the privacy of our records and of our clients and companions, we decided to remain as a private organization. If you agree with our mission you can make donations to our organization to support our mission and we promise to carry it for many years to come.  


Donations are welcome to support institutions that continue building John Paul II's Personalizm philosophy of "Civilization of Love". Some programs are listed below.



Catholic University of Lublin

In particular, the university, in its own unique academic method, accepts the challenges which face the Church in this present era of history. Studies undertaken in this spirit as well as didactic work are inspired by the additional calling of the university: Veritas in caritate, which points to the significance of a common search for truth in building a community of people, and at the same time, to how mutual openness, respect and courtesy, eliminating any kind of discrimination based on sex, origin, social status or other factors, help to get to know and properly grasp truth. On account of its Catholic character, KUL is also a particularly appropriate place to carry out reflections on the issues in the sphere of academic research ethics. http://www.kul.pl/2696.html 


Catholic University of Lublin International Relations Office
Al. Racławickie 1420-950 Lublin

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